Memberships are offered to Lely Resort property owners. All new residences and home sites in the community sold after February 10, 2003 and homes sites sold before and after that date (collectively, the “amenities covenant properties”) are subject to a Restrictive Covenant requiring membership at The Players Club & Spa.

Based on typical single family home ownership, membership privileges are extended to the homeowner’s immediate family (spouse and any unmarried children under the age of 25.) Extended family and children over the age of 25 are welcome to use The Club as properly registered House Guests.

Each Membership is required to pay a refundable membership deposit determined by The Club from time to time. Membership Deposits are not transferable and are only refundable in accordance with the Membership Plan, Rules and Regulations of The Club and the Membership Agreement.

To request further information, please contact our Membership Manager at 239-774-6354 or via email to